Sunday Morning Power & Praise is now in free syndication!

Hosted by veteran broadcaster Amber Anderson, she brings a pleasant, sincere voice and personality, delivering a wonderful and contagious uplifting energy in a feature-packed show! Amber invites interaction through Facebook and email.

The weekly show is a two-hour presentation. Each hour on average is 58 minutes in length allowing for local station IDs, weather, news, time checks and spots. Custom station IDs and promos are recorded by Amber at no cost.

The program is packaged in MP3 format, 8 segments (4 per hour). Program delivery is available via FTP from our server.

Production and distribution is handled by McCann & Cambrian E-Media Services (MCEMS) in Parry Sound, Ontario.

Why is this free?
MCEMS and IndiZo Productions are founded by people of faith. Sunday Morning Power & Praise began as a local program on Parry Sound Eastern Shores Online Radio. We believe syndicating is the right thing to do. There is no money-ask in the program. However, we do hope to build on regional and national audiences with the goal of securing a sponsor. More so though, MCEMS is building a network with hopes to syndicate other programming in the secular realm.

Contact Us at Any Time!
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